About the event

WVHCA’s virtual event will deliver an interactive, 3-D environment with live video streaming sessions, on demand sessions, networking and social events, and interactive vendor exhibits on a Trade Show floor.

You can access the Lobby, recorded sessions, Trade Show Floor and other features any time, 24/7.

The best part, you can experience it from anywhere!


Live sessions will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday from November 3 to December 9 with sessions starting at 1:30 p.m.

What to Expect

Just like an in-person convention, our virtual convention will have a venue and an immersive 3-D lobby. From the lobby you can access:


Visit here to access the agenda, learn about speakers, download handouts and attend education sessions

Exhibit Hall

Learn more about vendors, save materials in your virtual briefcase, and communicate via video, chat or email

Networking Lounge

Network with other attendees via video, chat or email

Info Center

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Keynote Speakers

Craig Zablocki

The Intelligence of Fun; Creating a Work Culture with Staying Power

In patient-related health care a “Work Culture of Fun” becomes a critical element for multiple reasons. A positive work culture creates “staying power”! It raises productivity, motivation, employee engagement, and patient-centered focus, while addressing compassion fatigue and staff retention.

Donna Cutting

Create a Place Where People Love to Live and Work

Explore the ways in which using intentional words of kindness, being present to the person in front of you, setting others up for success and making movie moments for customers & staff positively affects your bottom line. It isn't always easy, but when it comes to customer service and employee retention, every moment matters.


img Agenda Highlights

14+ hours in a broad array of topics available for multiple disciplines:

d Staffing Strategies

Medical Marijuana in LTC

Compassion Fatigue

Resident Engagement

Communication Strategies

d Infection Control

COVID-19 Liability Protections


Resident & Family Satisfaction

PLUS Virtual Social Events & Prizes for Participation!